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Sunday, August 23, 2009

phrasal verb drills

In the following phrasal verb drills choose the correct of the word only one answer of the 3 is valid

During the 2006 World Cup, Ronaldo___ __ the highest scorer in World Cup

A becomed B Became C Becomes

They enjoyed the dance because it ___the routine
A Breaked B Broken C Broke

Indonesia dam ________________ leaves 50 dead
A Burst B Bursted C Barst

In 2006, the leader _______________ parallels between
A drawn B Drew C Draws

Vietnam _____against the US for sixteen years
A fighted B fought C fited

parts of the structure were __________a quarter mile away
A flinged B flingged C flung

Mathew was not a young man when he ________ the apostle
A forsaked B forsake C forsook

was said to be _____by shortfalls
A offset B offsetted C offsat

CPS ____ its estimate again because of the slowing economy
A recasted B recast C recastted

One body was __________________up in the center of the town
A strung B stringged C strang

I have_____________ in the Red sea
A swim B swum C swam

Israel would _______Iran
A stroke B strike C strikes

Answers are marked in Blue

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