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Monday, June 15, 2009

gre vocab quiz

In this gre vocab quiz

Fill the blank space with the correct form of the word

1Those infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are reported to be more ______ to developing heart attack and stroke.
A _ vulpine B_ voluble C_ valid D_ vulnerable

2 so many _______ properties as a result of the high number of forecloses,

A_ vague B_ vacant C_ vapid D_ vehement

3_ others have for NOT being ____ in demanding that the solution be implemented

A_ veracious B_ verdant C_ vehement D_vernal

4_ Jennifer Capriati held off the _______ of Kim Clijsters in a final set of 22 games

A_ vagary B_ verve C_ voyeur D_ vortex .

5_ the late 60's when idealism was in _____

A_ vogue B_ vain C_ voracious D_viscous

6_must be ______ about screening and monitoring their patients

A_ virile B_virtual C_ vigilant D_virulent

Franz Liszt is best known today for________ compositions for piano and his orchestral suites.

A_visage B_ vixen C_virtuoso D_ voyeur

in the following sentences chose the meaning of the word in a given sentence
8_it may turn out that our voracious demand for electricity is what could keep us dangerously dependent on foreign energy


A_fluctuate B_life-threatening C_very eager D well-founded

9_ all owners of vacant houses will be required to pay for property insurance as well as submit a maintenance plan.

vacant means
A_ spacious B_cheap C_ Empty D_Dull

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Thanks for taking the exercise the answer in in red not green

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