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Saturday, July 25, 2009

gre verbal prep question

In this Gre verbal prep question

it contains 2 types of question sentence completion and synonyms quiz

Part one Sentence completion

It is effective in treating fever,______, joint pains
A jaunt B jaundice C jargon D jollity

going on _____around Europe
A jest B jeopardize C jab D jaunts

especially its verification process which would __________________the
efficiency and credibility of the Agency

A jeopardize B jest C juxtapose D jibe

liberals be willing to ___________ their dreams of free market

A jibe B jostle C juncture D jettison

to ________the hot with the cold. I wanted to start with extreme heat,
A jaunt B juxtapose C jaundiced D jaunt

Now synonyms quiz the word in bold means?

Thanks andds kudos to PressTV for their excellent work

A disdain B acclamation C hate D dishonor

how can you ignores thats jocose personality? jocose means?

A complicated B serious C morose D funny

Sweat almond oil is extracted from the dried kernel of the plant.

Kernels means ?

A leaf B core C root , D flower

the city saw the zenith of developments and prasperity during the Buyid Dynasty (945-1055) Zenith means ?

A middle B end C Start D summit
Guenean officials yield to ruling junta yield means?

A resist B defer C agree with D complain

Liposuction yield similar results when performed on other parts of the body yield means?

A produce B prevent C hurdle D shape '

The answers are marked with pink

I hope that u enjoyed these GRE verbal prep question
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