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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

medium math quizzes

CONFIDENTIAL NAME : __________________________________
Form 1 FORM : __________________________________
Paper 2
1 hour 45 minutes



1. This paper consists of 20 questions. Answer ALL the questions in the spaces provided.
2. All workings must be shown clearly. You might lose marks if important steps are not shown.
3. Students are NOT allowed to use calculator.

1. a) Round off 59 904 to the nearest thousands.
1. b) 27 + 9 ( 21 - 9 ) / 6
2. a) List all the prime factors of 132.

3. b) Chess Club in a school has 62 members.
Each member paid RM4 as annual fees.
of the fees collected was used in a
competition. Find the amount of money left.

4. b) A box of chocolate costs RM 6.75. Janet
bought 23 such boxes and had RM 37
left. How much money did she has at first?

6. a) Mr. Hassan saved RM3 000 into a bank that
offers a simple interest of 4.2 % per annum.
Calculate the simple interest he will receive
after 5 years.

6. b) 40% of 2000 pupils in a school are boys. The
number of boys who wear spectacles is 275.

Find the number of boys who do not wear

7. b) Calculate -15 - (-6) + 7

c) Simplify -17 + [ 16 - (-24)]

8. In an experiment, the temperature of liquid in a
beaker is 27C. The liquid is heated until the
temperature rises by 55C. When some ice is
put into the beaker, the temper
ature of the liquid
decreases by 48C. What is the new temperature
of the liquid?

9. a) Write the number of terms of the following

9y-4 +5y+7-2y

10. Camelia ’s weight is (2x -5)kg and Maya ’s
weight is (3x - 8) kg. Find the total weight of
Camelia and Maya.

11. a 40 m +38 cm +24 m 57 cm

11. b) Calculate 83.025 kg / 3
Write your answer in kg and g.

12. Chang drove from Bintulu at 0935 and reached
Miri at 1310. Amir left Bintulu at 1050 and
took half an hour more than Chang to reach
Miri. What is the time, in 24-hour system, did
Amir reached Miri?

15. a) The figure below is drawn on grid lines.
Determine the number of symmetry lines
of the figure.

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