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Friday, July 10, 2009

synonyms quiz

In the following synonyms quiz chose the right answer for the word in bold

1 “Alphabet of Dreams” tells the story of Mitra and her younger brother, Babak, who are living in a labyrinth of caves in ancient Persia, scraping by with the food they can steal in the nearby marketplace

A maze B mountain C hell D_ collection

a rebellion against lassitude in the self and corruption in society.
A Sadness B illness , C inactivity D temperance

rather than the lavish lifestyle of the ruling elite,
A ancient B stylish C weird D exuberant ,

quake with a magnitude of 6.3 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale, the world's most lethal one in at least 10 years,
A damaging B deathly C unexpected D unrepresented

I had carried out laborious research

A easy B hard C idle, D short

Masuleh is situated in a mountainous area of great natural beauty covered with lush vegetation and luxuriant forests.
A dangling B dark , C populated D profuse

Asgari drummed up media headlines with his lustrous performance in 2007 events
A sparkling B dull C regular D risky

“Such a plan seems to be very ludicrous. It is actually not practical.”

A detailed B absurd C weird D complicated

will familiarize the world’s nations with the lofty name of our country,

new ancient short

Answers in Red

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