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Friday, February 6, 2009

weird English words

Weird English words

contain strange vocab I collected from playing games scrabble and literati it has no use for any exam

azo has nitrogen group in its chemical composition

coif a hood-formed cap, with extended sides mostly of white cloth and , worn under a veil, similar to that worn by nuns

Vrow German woman

ulu a traditional tool of Eskimo women. a knife with a plate , almost semicircular blade connected to a short haft at a right angle to the unsharpened side:

baa generate the sheep,s sound

eclair kind of food sweets with cream and chocolate like puff with custard

jota a type of damcing famous in spain and the music for jota dance

These are some of the weird English words mostly used for playing literati and funny learning

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

he happiest progress and challenges

he happiest progress and challenges

Progress and challenges may come together. There are progresses and there are also challenges. Therefore, in building women’s writing habit, there are some challenges faced. At least there are four challenges that we face to implement this program. First, there are big demands of women to have more knowledge to have skills and writing and more people want to have training on writing. And this demand should be accommodated further. Second, the consequences of improving the quality and increasing the numbers of pages and copies require more funds. Third, since POTRET is also distributed to many organizations out of Banda Aceh, it spends more money for delivering costs. Fourth, In order to motivate women to write, we provide incentive the contribution but it is still very small, we need to increase until Rp. 100.000,- for one article.

There is a will, there is a way

It is common in every work we do we have progresses, challenges and even the problems. But, we believe with what the wise word says that, there is a will, there is a way. Therefore, so far we have done some strategic steps for overcoming those challenges and problems. Some of the ways are inviting organizations to promote their work and organizations in POTRET magazine. We invite readers to pay every copies of POTRE. We also invite organizations/individuals to subscribe the magazine for one year subscriptions and asking supports from those who may concern on this work. Shortly, we raise the fund in various ways for the sustainability of publishing POTRET now and in the future. This is one of the ways to build women’s writing habit.

Building the bridge to public media

Building the bridge to public media

Knowing that women are the potential group and strategic in building writing habit, Centre for Community Development and Education (CCDE) Banda Aceh, is building a bridge for women to covey them to the public media by building writing habit among women. This big dream appeared based on the reality above. CCDE tries to break the silence and solves the problems of women by building women’s writing habit. Firstly designed in 2001 but it became reality in 2003, supported by WDP Germany. Here, the women were trained for three days with knowledge and skills in creative writing. The results of the training, more women can write creatively and it encouraged CCDE publishes a women magazine as the learning and advocacy media.

Then, one year after tsunami disaster, CCDE got financial support from Hivos to build the women’s writing habit . The grant was allocated for running serial of creative writing training, monthly discussions and publication. 100 women from 7 districts were trained during the program. After the training, women in field are involved actively in the monthly discussions for sharpening and encouraging women to write. So, the discussion forum is the medium for practicing women to communicate orally and written.

Some good progresses achieved and some changes happened. POTRET is published monthly and the number increases from 1000 to 2000 and this month increases to be 3000 copies. The lay out, number of pages, the colours, the size and also the contributors of the articles also increase every month. The distribution is also broader until to 12 districts in Aceh, and out of Aceh. POTRET to day is available at the bookstores. Women’s participation build POTRET sustainability is high now.

Building Acehnese Women’s writing habit

Building Acehnese Women’s writing habit

By Tabrani Yunis

Some famous writers may say that writing is easy. There is nothing wrong with these sayings. It may be easy because the writer is skilful and writing has become a habit in his life. But, what about those people who do not have enough knowledge and less access to media, such as women? The answer must be different. When we are discussing about the differences, there will some factors included in the factors. One of the factors is the gender inequality between man and women in accessing the media. More people say that women have less access to public media such as newspapers, magazines, etc. This limited access has caused very few women can write in the public media which are published in Indonesia to day. May be this statement is debatable. But, however the facts show that very few women to day can write in the public media, even the local media. Most spaces in the media written by men. Women have become a silence majority.

Factually, women as the major population in Aceh and also in Indonesia are potential resources and stakeholders in media. The reality is that the number of women in Aceh is bigger than men. More than 53 percents of the populations are women. Even they are big, they are voiceless or soundless, because they have been marginalized and ignored or tends to be neglected. The fact also shows that women face various and big problems in their life, but the problems just being hidden. Every thing seems left in the silence. It is a big problem that should be solved by women. Even, women also potential as the consumers of the media and also as the contributors in colouring media with women’s writing. Unfortunately, most spaces in the printed media are not utilized by women because of some obstacles.

Seo tips ,tricks and advises

In this post i will provide you some of the most useful seo tips , tricks , techniques in order to get high ranking in search Engines

1- Start chosing your keywords I recomend google insight or yahoo adventure and your title should based on them
2- Build your content using the keywords from above ,
3- In each page write not more than 5 paragphes using the keywords chosen 3 time in the same order as title 3 times so as to have keyword density 4-6 %
4- build more andmore content since it affect the ranking = Building inbound links which crucial factor in google
5- use the keyword chosen in the url address of your webite yahoo and msn look more on this than google google give more merit to pagerank and other criterias
6- see where your competitors have links and put your links in every website you find your competitors have links and do not use paid links
7- Use Seoquake or other tools i use mostly seoquake it have many features and easy to use
8 Use typoes i used synonims instead of synonyms .
9- build links in websites hosted in differents countries like go to google then search google france , uk go to googleuk and search add links chose pages from uk
Ask people
10- avoid using flash and pictures in your website' and add sitemaps

These are some of my seo Tips , tricks and advises you find more in forums etc