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Free GRE words

Sunday, July 12, 2009

sentence completion test

In this sentence completion test

fill in the blank with the correct answer

1 unleashing a political hurricane and a social ___________that would have opened the door to extremism.
A miniature B malaise C milieu D misanthrope

to prevent the___________ political power from depriving our nation of development
A migratory B meticulous C malevolent D mawkish

__________ objectives of certain countries.
A martinet B maladroit C malodorous D malicious

bury its matriarch’s _________ decaying corpse.
A murky B malodorously C monastic D modish

First Aid Training Now __________ for Bus Drivers
A Mandatory B moldy C missive D minatory

Due to their maternal and ___________duties , bout 30-35 percent of women fail to work the minimum number of years required to be eligible for the pension guarantee
A marital B meteoric C meretricious D marital

The ___________of the poet and politician of the time of Constitutional Movement Seyed Alikhan Dargazi
A metaphor B mausoleum C menagerie D mayhem

The homeless and wandering birds are_________ for homeless man
A mauve B masochist C metaphors D manifesto

individuals with ________vision
A mandate B myopic C mangle D macerate

symphony is a ____ artwork
A macabre B maleficent C monumental D mendacious

Answers are blue
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