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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Seo tips ,tricks and advises

In this post i will provide you some of the most useful seo tips , tricks , techniques in order to get high ranking in search Engines

1- Start chosing your keywords I recomend google insight or yahoo adventure and your title should based on them
2- Build your content using the keywords from above ,
3- In each page write not more than 5 paragphes using the keywords chosen 3 time in the same order as title 3 times so as to have keyword density 4-6 %
4- build more andmore content since it affect the ranking = Building inbound links which crucial factor in google
5- use the keyword chosen in the url address of your webite yahoo and msn look more on this than google google give more merit to pagerank and other criterias
6- see where your competitors have links and put your links in every website you find your competitors have links and do not use paid links
7- Use Seoquake or other tools i use mostly seoquake it have many features and easy to use
8 Use typoes i used synonims instead of synonyms .
9- build links in websites hosted in differents countries like go to google then search google france , uk go to googleuk and search add links chose pages from uk
Ask people
10- avoid using flash and pictures in your website' and add sitemaps

These are some of my seo Tips , tricks and advises you find more in forums etc

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