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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

he happiest progress and challenges

he happiest progress and challenges

Progress and challenges may come together. There are progresses and there are also challenges. Therefore, in building women’s writing habit, there are some challenges faced. At least there are four challenges that we face to implement this program. First, there are big demands of women to have more knowledge to have skills and writing and more people want to have training on writing. And this demand should be accommodated further. Second, the consequences of improving the quality and increasing the numbers of pages and copies require more funds. Third, since POTRET is also distributed to many organizations out of Banda Aceh, it spends more money for delivering costs. Fourth, In order to motivate women to write, we provide incentive the contribution but it is still very small, we need to increase until Rp. 100.000,- for one article.

There is a will, there is a way

It is common in every work we do we have progresses, challenges and even the problems. But, we believe with what the wise word says that, there is a will, there is a way. Therefore, so far we have done some strategic steps for overcoming those challenges and problems. Some of the ways are inviting organizations to promote their work and organizations in POTRET magazine. We invite readers to pay every copies of POTRE. We also invite organizations/individuals to subscribe the magazine for one year subscriptions and asking supports from those who may concern on this work. Shortly, we raise the fund in various ways for the sustainability of publishing POTRET now and in the future. This is one of the ways to build women’s writing habit.

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