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Friday, February 6, 2009

weird English words

Weird English words

contain strange vocab I collected from playing games scrabble and literati it has no use for any exam

azo has nitrogen group in its chemical composition

coif a hood-formed cap, with extended sides mostly of white cloth and , worn under a veil, similar to that worn by nuns

Vrow German woman

ulu a traditional tool of Eskimo women. a knife with a plate , almost semicircular blade connected to a short haft at a right angle to the unsharpened side:

baa generate the sheep,s sound

eclair kind of food sweets with cream and chocolate like puff with custard

jota a type of damcing famous in spain and the music for jota dance

These are some of the weird English words mostly used for playing literati and funny learning

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mCarter said...

Hey, those look like scrabble words :) Also, i recommend and as two good websites for preparing for the GRE.