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Sunday, June 28, 2009

esl English tests

Esl English tests

Task 1

Read the advertisements for three different cinemas and write short answers to the questions below. There is one example given.

Watch History in Hollywood Films
Rustaveli Cinema
1-7 March

Monday through Friday 6pm, 8pm

North and South
Week-end 2pm, 4 pm, 8pm
Ticket price: morning shows 5 Laris evening shows 7 Laris
Special discount for children under 8.
5 Rustaveli Ave.
Attention: You can rent a video of films as well. Visit our website:

A Week of Modern British Film
Cinema House
March 1-7
Watch the films on the following days and time:

Footballers’ Wives
Monday to Friday 3pm, 6pm, 9pm

The Neighbours
Saturday-Sunday 3 pm, 6 pm
Ticket price: 6 Laris
no discount for children
Tickets can be ordered by phone.
Call 95 67 82 for the details
Address: 3 Javakhishvili St. Tbilisi

Watch the best of Georgian Films
Amirani Cinema
March 1-7

Londre: Monday – Wednesday
Sherekilebi: Thursday – Friday
Pirosmani: Saturday – Sunday

Order a ticket by email:
Or call 29 87 68
Free for children under 8.
Address: 4 Kostava St Tbilisi

And also: Enjoy a cup of coffee and fresh natural juice in our cafe before the show starts. Open for 24 hours.

Example: At what hours does Troy start? A t 6 pm a n d a t 8 pm.

1. Which cinema has an email address? ________________________
2. Which British film can you see on Saturday? _______________________
3. At which address is Cinema House located? ________________________
4. Which cinema has special discount for children? ___________________________
5. How many films can you see in a Week of British Film? _________________________
6. Which cinema offers free tickets to young children? ______________________
7. Which cinema has a website address? ______________________
8. How much do you pay if you want to see Troy in the evening? _______________________
9. Which cinema shows Georgian films? _______________________
10. In which cinema can you rent a video? ________________________

TiToeuli swori pasuxi iRebs erT qulas.

moswavlem am davalebaSi miiRo ------------ qula.

Task 2

Read the text about tea-making. Then read the sentences below and decide whether they are True (T) or False (F). Circle the right answer. There is one example given.

Tea – a popular drink

Tea is a non-alcoholic drink prepared by pouring boiling water over dried tea-leaves.
It is the most popular drink in many countries.

In 1990 about five and a half billion kilogrammes of dried tea were produced. India has always played an important role in world tea production. Today India produces about one and a half billion kilogrammes each year. China is the second largest producer of tea with about one billion kilogrammes every year. Other tea-producing countries are: Indonesia, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

Great Britain imports more tea than any other country: about 400 million kilogrammes every year. On average, about 7 kgs of tea are drunk by each person every year in Great Britain. People in the United States drink about 3 kilogrammes of tea per person each year.

The tea plant grows in tropical and subtropical climates. The plant is evergreen and grows quickly in low places where the air is warm. However, the finest tea comes from places between 400 and 1200 metres high, because the plant grows more slowly in cooler climates. Tea plants have small, white, sweet-smelling flowers and each flower produces three seeds that look like hazelnuts.

Workers pick the leaves off the bush by hand. A worker can pick about 18 kilogrammes of tea leaves a day, enough to make about 4 kilogrammes of manufactured tea. Machines are also used to pick tea leaves, but tea of the highest quality is generally produced from the leaves that have been picked by hand.

There are three main kinds of tea: black, green and oolong - a special kind of tea. They differ in the method used to process the leaves. The processing takes place either in a factory or near it. All tea-producing countries manufacture black tea, but the green and oolong tea comes from China, Japan and Taiwan.

Example: Tea is an evergreen plant, which grows as a bush…………………….. T F

1. People drink tea in many countries. ………………………… ………,,……. T F
2. Every year India produces half a billion kilogrammes of tea. ……………… T F
3. The second biggest tea-producing country is China. ………………………… T F
4. Britain buys more tea than any other country every year. ……………………… T F
5. One person in the USA drinks about 4 kgs of tea a year. ……………………… T F
6. Tea plants grow in high places where the air is cool………………………… T F
7. The seeds of the tea plant look like hazelnuts…………………………… ….. T F
8. You need to pick eighty kgs of tea leaves to make 4 kgs of tea……………….. T F
9. The best quality tea is picked only by hand……………………………………. T F
10. The three kinds of tea differ only in smell. …………………………………. T F
11. The processing of tea leaves always takes place in the factory………………. T F
12. Black tea is produced by every tea-producing country. ……………………… T F

TiToeuli swori pasuxi iRebs erT qulas.

moswavlem am davalebaSi miiRo ------------ qula.

Task 3

Read the text about young Americans who fight for peace. Then match the headings
(A-H) with the paragraphs (1-6). There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning.

A Peace protesters believe in America
B Americans agains war
C It’s children who suffer
D The story of one young American
E Criticizing America
F War brings no harm
G First-time protesters
H Proud parents

Young Americans for peace

0._ E_
Many countries criticize America for using its military power to get what it wants. But not all Americans believe in war. Many young Americans hate war and some of them are even prepared to give their lives for peace.

1. ___
Before the war with Iraq, more than a million Americans protested against the war. There were crowds of about 100,000 people in both New York and Washington DC. These were the largest protests against war since those against the Vietnam War of the 1960s and 1970s.

At these protests there were people of different backgrounds, religions and ages, including many teenagers. A lot of people there were protesting for the first time. People had many different reasons for protesting against the war, like Billy Noseworthy, 18 and Erica Lillquist, 17. Billy’s religion doesn’t allow war. ‘You should not dehumanize* anybody and war is the worst example of dehumanization’, he explained. Erica isn’t against all war but she prefers diplomatic solutions.

Many Americans are very patriotic and some people thought that the protesters were anti-American. ‘The anti-war movement doesn’t have to support Saddam Hussein’, said Seth Green, a 27-year-old American who was at the San Francisco march*. Seth says that he wanted ‘to send the message that you can believe America is a great country and still be anti-war.’

Some young Americans are more extreme in their political views about peace. Rachel Corrie was a 20-year-old anti-war protester. She organized peace events when she was a teenager in Washington State where she grew up. In 2002 she arrived in Israel to protest against the war.

Rachel Corrie worked with other activists from the international Solidarity Movement. The Israeli army killed her when she was trying to stop them destroying a Palestinian building. Rachel’s parents believed what their daughter did was right. They were very proud of her. ‘Rachie was filled with love and a sense of duty to our fellow men and she gave her life trying to protect those people who could not protect themselves’, Rachel’s father said.

War harms everyone, especially children. The statistics show that the number of children who, as a result of war, have been separated from their families is more than one million. Much higher is the number of those who have been killed or disabled.

*dehumanise – gaboroteba, делать бесчеловечным *a march _ demonstracia, демонстрация

TiToeuli swori pasuxi iRebs or qulas.

moswavlem am davalebaSi miiRo ------------ qula.

Task 4
Reading /Vocabulary

• Read the text about Valentine’s day and fill the gaps with the words from the box.
Each word can be used only once and one word is extra. There is one example given.

ancient celebrated centuries fall festival history

imprisoned letter listen love religion started think

Festival of love
Valentine's Day has a long history. Some people (0) t h i n k that Valentine’s Day started in ___________________ (1) Rome to honour its legendary founders. During the _________________ (2), young men would take out the names of women from a box. Often they would ___________________(3) in love and marry. Others say that Valentine’s Day ____________________ (4) when Rome was facing wars. The men refused to join the army. Emperor Claudius II believed that the reason was their sweethearts* and abolished* all marriages.
One priest* Valentine did not _________________ (5) to the order and secretly performed marriage ceremonies. Valentine was ___________________ (6) and put to death on 14 February. While in prison Valentine fell in ________________ (7) with the prison- keeper’s daughter and signed his final ________________ (8) to her with the words: "From your Valentine." In IV century Christianity became the official _________________ (9) of Rome, and 14 February was chosen as a religious festival. But through the_________________ (10), Valentine’s Day became to be remembered more as the festival of love than a religious day.
Today Valentine’s Day is_________________ (11) in the whole world despite people’s belief. Only in the US over 1 billion valentine cards are sent.
.*sweetheart –Seyvarebuli, возлюбленная *abolish – gauqmeba, отменять
*priest – mRvdeli, священник
TiToeuli swori pasuxi iRebs or qulas.
moswavlem am davalebaSi miiRo ---------- qula.

Task 5

• Read the first sentence. Then complete the second so that it means the same as the first. There is one example given.

Example: They speak German in Austria.
German i s s p o k e n i n A u s t r i a.

1. The dentist will examine my teeth tomorrow.
My teeth _____________________________________________________ tomorrow.

2. This building has five floors.
There____________________________________________ five floors in this building.

3. Giorgi runs faster than Beka does.
Beka does not ________________________________________________Giorgi does.

4. Hundreds of cars are imported from Germany every year.
They ____________________________________________ from Germany every year.

5. “I forgot my homework at home,” Tina told her teacher.
Tina told her teacher___________________________________her homework at home.

6. I asked Nina where she was going.
I asked Nina: “_________________________________________________________?”

7. My car was stolen last night.
Somebody ______________________________________________________last night.

8. Ann last saw Dato in January.
Ann _______________________________________________________ since January.

9. “Do you often go swimming?” Bob asked Tom.
Bob asked Tom ________________________________________________ swimming.

10. “Don’t come home late!” Father warned me.
Father warned me________________________________________________________.

11. Mary has been invited to the Christmas party by the Browns.
The Browns __________________________________________ to the Christmas party.

12. They are painting the buildings in blue colour.
The buildings ________________________________________________in blue colour.


TiToeuli swori pasuxi iRebs erT qulas.
moswavlem am davalebaSi miiRo -------- qula.

Task 6

• Put the verbs in brackets in the appropriate form. There is one example given.

An Australian farmer (0) o w e s his life to his pet kangaroo. Almost a year ago Len Richards, a farmer, (1) _______________________ (water) some flowers in his garden when a branch fell from a tree and (2) _______________________ (knock) him down. The farmer’s pet kangaroo, called Lulu, saw this. In order to save her patron, the kangaroo, (3) _______________________ (hop) over to the farm house, where the farmer’s family lived. When the kangaroo saw the farmer’s wife, it (4) ___________________ (start) to make a strange noise as if a dog (5) _______________________ (bark). The family rushed out and found the kangaroo standing over Mr. Richards' body.
Mr.Richards, (6) _______________________ (adopt) the baby kangaroo after her mother (7) _______________________ (kill) in a road accident last year. She followed him everywhere he went, and behaved like a dog. Now the kangaroo (8) ____________________ (be nominated) for an animal prize by Australian Nature Lovers’ Club.


Task 7

• Write one of the topics given below. Use about 120-150 words. Write in the given space.

A. Some people think that only a woman has to do the housework (wash dishes, clean the house, etc.). Other people believe that the housework should be devided among the family members.
• Which idea do you agree with and why?
• Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

B. Some people think that teenagers should have jobs while they are still in schools. Other people believe that teenagers are busy at schools and shouldn’t have jobs while studying.
• Which idea do you agree with and why?
• Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


davaleba 3


Task 1: 1. Amirani (cinema) 2. The Neighbours 3. 3 Javakhishvili St (Tbilisi) 4. Rustaveli (cinema) 5. Two/2 6. Amirani (cinema) 7. Rustaveli (cinema) 8. Seven / 7 Laris
9. Amirani (cinema) 10. (In) Rustaveli (cinema)

Task 2 : 1. T 2. F 3. T 4. T 5. F 6. F 7. T 8. F 9. T 10. F 11. F 12. T

Task 3: 1. B 2. G 3. A 4. D 5. H 6. C

Task 4: 1. ancient 2. festival 3. fall 4. started 5. listen 6. imprisoned 7. love 8. letter 9. religion 10. centuries 11. celebrated

Task 5: 1…. will be examined (by the dentist) …. 2…are … 3….run as/so fast as/ faster than…. 4…..import hundreds of cars …. 5…. (that) she forgot/had forgotten... 6. “Where are you going?” 7…. stole my car … 8…. has not /hasn’t seen Dato… 9. …if he often went/goes… 10….not to come home late. 11….have invited Mary. 12…are being painted.

Task 6: 1. was watering 2. knocked 3. hopped 4. started 5. was barking /barking
6. adopted 7. was/had been killed 8. is nominated/has been nominated

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