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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TOEFL sample essay good student



It is difficult to define a good student, but we can imagine him or her to be one who is excellent in studies, good in co-curricular activities, obedient to his teachers and respectful to all those older than him or her. Maybe, such paragons of virtue do not exist in real life, and if they do then they would n`t be much fun to know.

However, without sacrificing our sense of fun and adventure or socialists, we can at least try to inculcate some of the good qualities of an ideal student. First of all, excellence in academics is something we should all strive for. After all, learning is the prime objective of attending school. Secondly, for the development of an all-round personality, participation in co-curricular activities and a certain degree of proficiency in them is essential. Sports and games keep our bodies healthy and teach us the value of team spirit. Dramatics, debates, elocution, etc., teach us the valuable art of public-speaking.

We should obey and respect our elders because they have more knowledge and experience than us and can teach us so much. We should try to acquire good habits – only then will we be loves and respected by all.

It is very easy to choose the wrong path and go astray and very difficult to follow the right direction, but we can do so if we are sincere, have faith in ourselves, and try hard enough. We should all strive to be good students – a good example to others and a pride to our parents and teachers.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. hopefully I find it very motivating,want to see more .

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