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Friday, September 11, 2009

Melody of the Millionaire Slumdog analysis

Melody of the Millionaire Slumdog analysis

Slumdog Millionaire is a trailblazer of sorts, scooping up awards in every felicitation of motion pictures this year. The movie opened its account at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, continued its victory run through the BAFTA and the SAG Awards and is now poised to win Oscars too.
Much has been written about the movie’s brilliant screenplay, its exquisite cinematography, the superb casting and the endearing performances of the children.
There has been a lot of controversy too, about the theme of the movie - with a section of Indians feeling that the movie showcases Mumbai’s slums in a stereotyped fashion, for a Western audience.
But there is one aspect of this exceptional movie that has been appreciated globally and unanimously and that is its music. The composer AR Rehman has created magic in his melodies.
Deservedly, he picked up the Golden Globe award for Best Original Score for the beautiful and riveting tunes that helped make the movie reign the box office for several weeks.
AR Rehman won the Oscars yet again. He was awarded the black statuette for best original score for the movie and for the song, Jay Ho.
The background score of Slumdog Millionaire ably matches the pulsating tempo of the rags to riches story, permeating each frame with the melody of the mood depicted. The songs too are beautifully composed.
You just have to listen to the joyful and energetic melody of Jaya Ho to get to know AR Rehman’s potential. This musician first captured the heart of Indians in the early 90s whne he created the music for the movie “Roja”. Since then, his every album has been popular, beautiful and unique.
This young musician has consistently created superlative music, never disappointing his millions of fans. It does not matter which CD of Rehman’s you pick up, because every one is an enchanting musical feast, from start to finish.

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