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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Waterdance review article


The title of this movie is The Waterdance। This movie is a 1992 drama that was written by and directed by Neal Jimenez with the help of Michael Steinberg. This movies tag line is, Imagine being trapped inside your own body. Imagine being set free.


The disability that is portrayed in this movie is spinal cord injury. The character Joel becomes injured in an accident and becomes paraplegic. He has to go to receive rehab to learn to adjust to this impairment. He has trouble dealing with his disability. The tries to find a way to explore his new life and relationships. The movie really is centered around Joel because it looks at his injury and the way he interacts with all of the other people at the hospital. It also centers around Joel's relationship with Anna, his lover who is already married. Throughout the movie, different attitudes were shown from the patients in the hospital. For example there is an understanding and sympathetic nurse who's name is Elizabeth. Another person is Bloss. He is a racist man towards people. Bloss is also a biker who is a patient in the hospital. Another character is Raymond who is considered a ladies man. He is friends with Joel and Bloss and is also a patient. The title of the movie relates to the fact that Raymond had a dream where he must learn to dance on the water or else he will drown. I believe the disability was portrayed in a positive way because a group of people come together and lean how to survive. Also because there are situations in the movie where the characters do things like sneak out of the hospital to go to a strip club. At this point I think they have come to realize that they have accepted their disability because they almost have an accident but their remarks are, "That was very close, luckily we're already paralyzed!"

here were a few obstacles that Joel faced. For example, his friends wanted to make sure he could have a sexual relationship. He has to learn how to do that again both physically and mentally. Here he has to re-evaluate his love affair with Anna. I think Joel was portrayed as a normal person even though he felt he should not be pitied or treated differently.

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