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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

phrasal verb exams

In this phrasal verb exams fill in the space with correct one of the phrasal verbs

spared no effort to___________any energy resources available

A tap out B tap down C tap into D tap with

he ____________ his friend for his bad behavior

A teared about B teared into C teared from D teared through

it is difficult to ________________- the two shapes

A tell on B tell out C tell off D tell apart

Just ________________ a name for my new baby

A thought off B thought by C thought up D thought along

currently factories __________- production costs

A save out B save for C save around D save on

A rental program was ___________- April because of lack of interest

A scrapped out B scrapped up C scrapped into D scrapped through

I might just ______________- the outpouring of sadness over Uncle Walter's passing

A shrug off B shrug by C shrug into D shrug up

french firms are being ______________ from lucrative contracts in the US

A shut into B shut out C shut away D shut in

poverty forced youngsters to _________________- garbage piles

A sift by B sift into C sift through D sift up

The answers are marked in blue

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