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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

English idioms test

In this English idioms tests

Fill in the phrase with the proper idiom and make useful sentence

1___You meet him and he's ___________________________. He's got nothing left, no job, no wife,
A Ace in the hole B at the end of his rope C A slice off a cut loaf is never missed D About face

Based on

2__Google and Microsoft have long been in _______________ the fight for dominance

A Alive and kicking B Against the clock C at each other's throats D Alter ego

3__Denied that the two were ________________ personally and suggested it was not impossible that they might continue to work together

A Agony aunts B Above par C At a drop of a dime D at daggers

4__If something is in it is very neat and organized
A At a loss B All mod cons C Away with the fairies D apple-pie order

5___Iran is ___________________ with the United States and certain European states over its peaceful nuclear program.

A at loggerheads B Ahead of the pack C Alike as two peas D All over the place

7____A legitimate, __________________ legal, acts

At full tilt B All over the show C above-board D As cold as stone

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