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Saturday, July 18, 2009

phrasal verbs quizzes

fill in the space with the correct form of the phrasal verb

The four story factory was ______________ 9 different flats

A made over B made for C made over D made into

___________ the idea
A catch up B catch off C catch with D catch on

Kazmierczak had _____________ Travelodge Hotel
A checked off B checked into C checked over D checked for

suspects have been ______________ stealing

A charged up B charged with C charged by D charged on

____________ the western doctrine

A buy out B buy up C buy into D buy with

Spain to _____________ border defenses

A beef-out B beef-for C beef-in D beef-up

The Japanese company ______________ it is competitor

A beat on B beat down C beat out D beat over

could _____________- a new wave economical problems

A touch down B touch up C touch off D touch on

the world ______________this endless confict .

A tires in B tires off C tires of D tires over

The answers of phrasal verbs quizzes is the orange $#$

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